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At A1 Tarmacadam Ltd are commercial road surfacing contractors Kent. We have been in business for three generations totaling over 45 years worth of experience and knowledge. We provide high-quality road surfacing contractors Kent services to a broad range of different clients both commercial and private clients. A1 Tarmacadam Ltd can help you with access roads, brand new road surfacing contractors Kent, car parks and forecourts and even large extended driveways ( for domestic driveways, please contact our sister company A1 Driveways).

A1 Tarmacadam Ltd construct professional and sleek durable road surfaces with our experienced road surfacing contractors Kent at cost effective prices. All drivers know that a well surfaced road can be so much more enjoyable to drive on. A poorly surfaced or badly maintained road can be uncomfortable to drive on, and worst may even cause damage to vehicles.

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Planning is vital to getting a road surfacing correct by the best road surfacing contractors Kent can offer; A1 Tarmacadam Ltd use our expertise and three generations of family experience to guarantee that the job is done correctly with the least amount of inconvenience. Resurfacing any road will of course cause some disruption to traffic, but where possible we strive to work efficiently to make sure that normal service can resume as soon as possible.

As well as road surfacing contractors Kent A1 Tarmacadam Ltd also provide surfacing for car parks and forecourts, also offering a line painting service to support traffic to direct effectively. A1 Tarmacadam Ltd use the highest quality equipment, and will adjust our methods based on your particular needs. If you have an area that is sensitive to flooding and needs effective drainage, or laid above delicate pipes and cables. If a road surface needs to be capable of transporting heavy goods and machines, A1 Tarmacadam Ltd have a variety of services available to suit your needs.

Get in contact and call A1 Tarmacadam Ltd today for a free consultation, quotation and advise and to learn more about how we can help you as the best road surfacing contractors Kent. We can help you achieve the ideal surface for your individual needs.


Road Surfacing

A1 Tarmacadam Ltd construct professional and sleek durable road surfaces at cost effective prices. All drivers know that a well surfaced road can be so much more enjoyable to drive on.

Car Parks & Forecourts

A car park serves a simple, practical solution to provide space and convenience for you, your staff and, of course, future clients and visitors.

Tarmac Repairs

We have a team of hand lay specialist for all Tarmacadam repairs including pot holes, trip hazards, spillages, fire damage etc. This service operates 24 hours a day with emergency temporary works carried out if necessary.


Tarmacadam can be used to surface a variety of areas, such as new car parks, existing roads, large driveways and pavements. We supply this service for all private, commercial and industrial clients.

Private Roads

Our qualified road planing contractors have both the expertise and the facilities needed to complete large commercial and large private contracts, in addition to extensive groundwork constructions where size and capacity are a must.


We are driveway specialists; Tarmacadam and shingle drives have been a popular choice for country properties for many years. We cater for a range of asphalt and tarmacing services for large private driveways. For domestic driveways, please contact our sister company A1 Driveways.

Road Surfacing Contractors Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex And Essex Over 45 Years Experience