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Shingle Driveway Contractors Sittingbourne Kent by A1 tarmacadam. Shingle can be fantastic to design outdoor areas such as driveways or pathways and outdoor garden areas creating a charming and practical solution. At A1 Tarmacadam Shingle Driveway Contractors Sittingbourne Kent, you’ll find a broad range of Shingle in several different sizes, colours and forms to accommodate many driveway design plans.

Your preferred product we advise should be angular as this doesn’t displace easily when vehicles drive on it (try to avoid round shape materials, as their rounded shape ruts easily when moved on). The most popular sizes for driveway Shingle are 14 or 20mm and usually consist of granite, basalt or flint (as they are hard-wearing).

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If you decide to place a membrane layer down on your driveway (this is to stop weeds growing through), choose the polypropylene material which will satisfactorily endure cars, vans and other common vehicles. All membranes are permeable, which means water can absorb through and away naturally.

Laying Depth: For driveways, A1 tarmacadam advises a laying depth of at least 50mm (2 inches).

Decorative Gravel

As well as Shingle on driveways and pathways etc, Shingle can also be used for landscaping jobs or to tidy up garden and patio borders across your garden or outside area. If you need to stop weeds from growing through we would advise using a membrane and laying your Shingle or gravel on top this will allow rainwater to naturally soak into to the dirt and soil to disperse naturally.


Road Surfacing

A1 Tarmacadam Ltd construct professional and sleek durable road surfaces at cost effective prices. All drivers know that a well surfaced road can be so much more enjoyable to drive on.

Car Parks & Forecourts

A car park serves a simple, practical solution to provide space and convenience for you, your staff and, of course, future clients and visitors.

Tarmac Repairs

We have a team of hand lay specialist for all Tarmacadam repairs including pot holes, trip hazards, spillages, fire damage etc. This service operates 24 hours a day with emergency temporary works carried out if necessary.


Tarmacadam can be used to surface a variety of areas, such as new car parks, existing roads, large driveways and pavements. We supply this service for all private, commercial and industrial clients.

Private Roads

Our qualified road planing contractors have both the expertise and the facilities needed to complete large commercial and large private contracts, in addition to extensive groundwork constructions where size and capacity are a must.


We are driveway specialists; Tarmacadam and shingle drives have been a popular choice for country properties for many years. We cater for a range of asphalt and tarmacing services for large private driveways. For domestic driveways, please contact our sister company A1 Driveways.

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