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A1 Tarmacadam Ltd are the most experienced commercial Tarmacing Contractors Kent has to offer and have work with major brands across the UK and Europe including companies such as Mcdonalds, London Underground and Network rail to name just a few.

Tarmacadam, correctly known as bituminous macadam or “Bitmac”, is usually thought to be the low-cost approach to road surfacing, car parks or forecourts. For smaller works we have a team of hand lay specialists for areas that are unsuitable for machine-lay.

Tarmacadam driveways have made a come back within the domestic driveway market as there is limited up keep. We can also resurface your existing driveway to minimise your costs and the inconvenience of excavation and earth removal. Red tarmacadam can also be provided.

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Tarmacadam Kent And Tarmacing Contractors Kent


Macadam is a method of binding collectively smaller aggregates, as founded by the legendary John MacAdam in the 19th century. These days, we use bitumen from the oil industry instead of naturally occurring tar, and hence we now produce bitumen macadam or, as we call it in the business, bitmac.

Asphalt. According to some professional experts, is a mixture of bitumen and minerals. But, in America, they adopt the name ‘asphalt’ for what we in UK and the remainder of Europe mention to as Bitumen. This is the reason of huge confusion amongst non-trade professionals as to what’s what and what’s not.

A1 Tarmacadam Ltd are proud to employ experienced and qualified Tarmacing Contractors Kent. Our Tarmacing Contractors Kent can handle projects of all sizes and are used to working under pressure to meet grueling time scales. For more information on our services please contact our head office.

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Road Surfacing

A1 Tarmacadam Ltd construct professional and sleek durable road surfaces at cost effective prices. All drivers know that a well surfaced road can be so much more enjoyable to drive on.

Car Parks & Forecourts

A car park serves a simple, practical solution to provide space and convenience for you, your staff and, of course, future clients and visitors.

Tarmac Repairs

We have a team of hand lay specialist for all Tarmacadam repairs including pot holes, trip hazards, spillages, fire damage etc. This service operates 24 hours a day with emergency temporary works carried out if necessary.


Tarmacadam can be used to surface a variety of areas, such as new car parks, existing roads, large driveways and pavements. We supply this service for all private, commercial and industrial clients.

Private Roads

Our qualified road planing contractors have both the expertise and the facilities needed to complete large commercial and large private contracts, in addition to extensive groundwork constructions where size and capacity are a must.


We are driveway specialists; Tarmacadam and shingle drives have been a popular choice for country properties for many years. We cater for a range of asphalt and tarmacing services for large private driveways. For domestic driveways, please contact our sister company A1 Driveways.

Road Surfacing Contractors Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex And Essex Over 45 Years Experience